Tough Mudder Gloves – The Best Mud Gloves for Obstacle Races

Tough Mudder Gloves

Do I need mud gloves for Tough Mudder or similar obstacle races?

One thing first: This topic is highly controversial!

Personally, we swear by wearing mud gloves*.

We believe they make your life a lot easier at Tough Mudder and other mud runs.

Other people, however, feel the opposite way and would never wear gloves at Tough Mudder.

The general question is: What’s worse? Having to pull yourself up a steel rope, which suddenly makes you cry out in pain because it freaking hurts?

Or throwing the Mud Gloves away after half the distance because you feel like they don't do the job?

We tell you why we wear them at Tough Mudder.

1. Gloves protect your hands from injuries and offer at least a little bit of comfort!

Tough Mudder is not only about running. It involves quite a lot of climbing and crawling as well.

There it can happen that you graze yourself or catch a splinter, if you don't watch out. These kind of small injuries can be prevented by wearing gloves.

Also, the mud gloves offer you a bit of comfort. It's a difference if you push through the mud with bare hands or with gloves on.

One reason, we would definitely not want to go without them.

2. Thanks to gloves you will conquer some obstacles better!

Mud Mile 2.0 with mud gloves

When we first bought our Mud Gloves, our intension was to get a better grip at obstacles such as Funky Monkey 2.0. With quite a Tough Mudder experience now, we have come to the conclusion that, that's just not the case.

The rubber just doesn't go well with wet mud, leaving you with only an average grip.

Nevertheless, you can still increase your chance on being successful at obstacles such as Funky Monky 2.0.

Doesn't make any sense?

Let us shed some light on this…

The actual advantage is not the grip, but the fact, that water and mud stay clear off your hands.

The trick is to run with the gloves on but taking them off right before Funky Monkey 2.0.

If you are now also drying off your hands on the rigs or a volunteer t-shirt, you'll be far better off than with muddy hands.

Ideally, this is what it will look like then:

We had good experiences with the Mud Gloves from MadGrip at Tough Mudder

Just like many other Mudders, we use the working gloves from MadGrip*, shown above.

Good to know:

From all items we recommend on our site, the gloves from MadGrip are by far our bestseller!

order your mud gloves online

The mud gloves from MadGrip have a good quality, so you get great value for your money.

You can use these glove at several Tough Mudders, so they are definitely worth the price.

From our point of view, the gloves seem to run “normal”. All three of us have small hands for men, and small to medium fits very well.

Here you can check the different sizes:

Mud Gloves Size XS*

Mud Gloves Size S-M*

Mud Gloves Size L-XL*

Whether you want to wear gloves or not is your decision. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you 😉

How to prep my Tough Mudder gloves?

Tough Mudder Gloves Preparation

In case you choose to wear Mud Gloves, you should cut off their fingertips. Ideally, like bicycle gloves, shortly beneath the last joint.

It makes them not only far more breathable, but you also gain a better feeling and grip.

Tough Mudder Gear for Men

Tough Mudder Gear for Women

Tough enough for muddy whispers?!

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